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Knowing what to do when you see your child going through a challenging time can be tough, even for the most qualified of us.

If your child:

  • is showing changes in behaviour e.g. aggressiveness, sleeping, eating etc
  • has recently experienced a loss such as that of a loved one, divorce or separation
  • has recently witnessed or been involved in a traumatic experience

Then do give me a call.

I often say:


“What has happened is important but how it’s handled is even more crucial.”

Find a support system that’s made up of people whom you trust and whom you feel and know will look after you yet still remain objective and true as opposed to those who will fan the flames of your anger and resentment.

Take care of yourself from the very start by downloading this FREE copy of my easy to read and valuable ebook “When Love is Broken – What to do” and you will receive my regular FREE newsletter full of tips and advice that will help both you and your children along the way.  You can find it on the right hand side of this page as well as on the others.

Divorce Books for children

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